Step to the edge of the deep end, hold your nose & jump in

Why & how I got into real estate. Because you’re DYING to know…..

I’ve always loved peeking into other people’s houses. I remember as a kid absolutely sobbing at my dad’s coworker’s house because I couldn’t go upstairs and check out the layout & bathrooms.  I’m sure my dad was equal parts mortified that his kid was acting like a freak show and concerned that he was raising a peeping Tom.

Truth is, I just liked houses. I liked to see the lay outs, the different color schemes, how it differed from our ranch home. Having an upstairs was completely foreign to me. Navigate steps for breakfast or to go to bed? Whhaaaattt? So how is it that it took me 35 some odd years to realize I could actually get paid to peep in people’s homes?

The short answer is, I dunno. The long answer is, I was nervous. Both my parents, and mostly every adult I knew, worked at a stable job with stable pay, stable benefits. It was what adults did, it was what I was going to do. Real estate wasn’t stable. If there was no paycheck every other Friday, how would I live??

I am happy to say that while my obsession with houses did not subside, my temper tantrum days were (mostly) over. The advent of the internet & HGTV helped to calm & quench my need to peep so that I could dedicate my life to helping the people of the state of Delaware. I’ve been a Delaware state employee for 21 years now. First in public health and the last 17 with the Children’s Department. A stable job with stable pay & stable benefits. For 21 years. Twenty. One. Years. I am officially an adult!!! I’m stable! Woo-hoo!!! Know what else? I’m bored. And burnt. And tired. So very, very tired.

Like making any change in life, it wasn’t as if I had an epiphany and decided, “today is the day! I’m taking control!!!” Nope. I got pissed off at work because of a change in management and the way I was going to be required to do my job. THAT’S when I decided to enroll in the Delaware School of Real Estate (non promotional plug here- they aren’t paying me, but for my dollar- top notch school!!!). That change in management was the best thing ever for me. For the kids & others with whom I work, maybe not so much. But we’re talking about me here. Another bit of kick in the pants was actually watching Jim Carrey’s commencement speech. I can’t recall the exact details, but essentially he said that if you’re willing to fail at something you hate, why wouldn’t you be willing to fail at something you love?

And that’s what did it for me. There are no guarantees. Fail at something you love. Peep in those houses. Jump in the deep end. Love your life.



Author: michelehuntley

Passionate about people & houses, making the decision to get into real estate was easy for me. Always a helper, I've worked the past 20 years for the State of Delaware, the last 16 with youth in the Children's Department. Nothing makes me happier than guiding families to their dream homes, whether it's a starter condo, up sizing or down sizing, I want to make it happen for you!!

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